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Today WMUR ran a 20ish second recap of the events surrounding Curt’s disappearance twenty-four years ago. It brought it all back again, especially because we lost our father earlier this year. He didn’t live to see the resolution, to know Curt had been returned and buried, allowing all of us to have some peace.

The only comfort is that my father is with Curt now. The secrets and scandals around his murder no longer an issue for either of them.

But I, we, live on with the emptiness and the pain of not knowing.

Someone does know.

There is someone out there that could bring that peace to our family after these agonizing twenty-four years. Stop the bursts of pain surging from the wound opened every time we see a cover story like the one on WMUR today, or news of a body found or other families sharing their anguish as they did this past year in protests at the AG’s office.

The AG’s, Cold Case Unit’s, Seabrook Police’s inaction and lack of communication just makes the pain run deeper. Our hope doesn’t lie with them, but with you.

Please come forward.

Help my family put Curt to rest, at least in our hearts, until we join him and my father again.

Curtis: A Son and A Brother