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To the people of Seabrook,

Nineteen years ago, my brother was murdered in Seabrook. The police and the people know who did it. We know who did it. Yet his killer still roams free and my brother’s body is left desecrated and unnoticed. I think there are only two reasons why the people who know where his body lies won’t come forward: loyalty and fear.

It’s difficult to imagine anyone remaining loyal to such a monster, someone who threatens children and has assaulted his family. It makes more sense to me that fear is what prevents people from telling the truth. Even those that may think it’s out of loyalty, it’s more likely they fear retribution. So, they continue to lie for him, this person who killed a man suffering from multiple sclerosis and unable to defend himself.

But both fear and lying come at a cost. They eat away at you, slowly from the inside. They prevent you from living a full happy life because they constantly hang in the background, perhaps just below your conscious thought, waiting to influence your every action. Scientifically it’s proven that lying weakens you physically, and the stress from the fear takes its toll both physically and mentally.

Isn’t it time that you freed yourself from those burdens? Could telling the truth about where my brother is buried really be worse than living a life of fear, stress, and intimidation? It only takes one person to make a difference, to change their life and to heal my family by letting us bury my brother properly and giving us a place to visit to remember him.

After nineteen years, we’re begging you to break free from fear and call the NH Cold Case Unit and tell them what you know.

Please, do it today:


Curt’s Story in the News

Curt’s story was featured on Unsolved Mysteries in 2001. Click the video to watch the segment that starts at 24:26.

This is Seabrook’s only unsolved case.

To read about it, click on the picture.

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