22 years and counting...

Twenty-two years is a long time. But it’s not long enough to heal the wound my brother’s unsolved murder has left in every member of my family. There is so much we can say about it. So many questions we still want answered. Yet there is no one to talk to, no one to ask for answers. The police are silent as his suspected killer sits in jail, accused of attempting to murder someone else.


Yet, it seems the opportune time for those who know what happened to Curt to come forward. We understand you may be frightened by the criminal who has threatened many over the years. But can he hurt you now?


Tell what you know. Please. It won’t change the pain of the last 22 years, but it can bring some closure to our family if we’re able to find Curt and give him a proper burial. And by telling, you can clear your conscience of the weight you’ve been holding, fearing, for so many years.


Don’t trust the Seabrook police? I don’t blame you. The Cold Case Unit is still handling Curt’s case and you can contact them instead (603-271-2663). Still hesitant? You can leave a message on our dedicated tip line and we’ll relay the information to them: 603-746-1196.


Time is running out. Come forward. Please.