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Twenty years isn’t an anniversary any of my family wanted to be remembering. Twenty years since Curt disappeared, twenty years since he was killed, twenty years since we’ve spoken to our brother, son and uncle. 

It’s twenty years of almost silence from the authorities. Twenty years of Seabrook harboring and enabling a murderer. The number of people assigned to his case has changed probably twenty times too. None of them cared enough to contact us when they took on the case. None of them cared enough to follow up when we called them with tips we’ve received. Was any of the information we’ve received and shared true? They said they’d follow up on everything. Did they?

Twenty years his killer has lived. Twenty years of being with his family when Curt could not. Twenty years of laughing, eating, drinking, driving, working…and terrorizing. Would Curt have made more of his life in those twenty years than his killer? He certainly would have lived to find better treatments for his MS, which would have given him more options in his life. One thing is certain. If Curt had been here in the last twenty years, no one would have feared him. No one would be injured or killed by him. Comparing the twenty years that could have been and the twenty that were, there is only one that clearly ranks higher. The world would have been better with Curt than it is without him. The same can’t be said for his killer.

Curt’s Story in the News

Curt’s story was featured on Unsolved Mysteries in 2001. Click the video to watch the segment that starts at 24:26.

This is Seabrook’s only unsolved case.

To read about it, click on the picture.

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