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Another year goes by, and nothing has changed. Only that isn’t true. Every person in my family has changed. We’ve had health scares (some still ongoing), graduations, retirements, starts of new endeavors. Sounds like every other family, right? Except we’re not.

Behind all those normal life events, there is the constant knowledge that Curt has not been found. His killer still hasn’t been caught.

As much as we try to go on, Curt’s absence is a smoldering hole inside us that never stops burning. It ignites into a full flame this time every year. And every time we hear about unidentified remains being found on the news, every interview we’re asked to do, every encounter that gives us the slightest bit of hope that something is being done to bring him home.

Don’t get me wrong. We’re grateful for opportunities to bring attention to Curt’s case, as the Murder, She Told Podcast did in 2021.

But what we really need is for someone to come forward to tell what they know so we can bring Curt’s remains home.

In the news recently, everyone is feeling for Harmony Montgomery’s family and the police are asking for tips to help bring her remains home for them. It isn’t hard to understand the sentiment for such a beautiful little girl and the tragic circumstances surrounding her. I cry thinking about her and hope someone comes forward in the case. Please don’t let there be another family living every day with a pain like ours.

We renew our request for anyone who knows anything about what happened to Curt that night to come forward. Remember that he is my Mom’s adorable little boy who is missing no matter what age he was when he was killed. Each of us in the family, we have our own memories of him, at all ages, events, and private moments.

Please help us find Curt and bring him home. The Cold Case Unit is still handling Curt’s case and you can contact them instead (603-271-2663). Still hesitant? You can leave a message on our dedicated tip line and we’ll relay the information to them: 603-746-1196.

Curtis: A Son and A Brother